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Asking Worcester to wake up to a future after oil will be challenging.  We all know how hard it is to change – imagine asking a chocaholic do without that dark, rich, magic stuff!  Oil will be no different.  People lead busy lives with many pressing, immediate concerns, with competing claims on their time and energy.  We are bombarded with advertising and media messages of doom and gloom; and fear is not a good motivator.  We all respond badly when people try to lay guilt trips on us for the way we lead our lives.

bright, positive messages attract attention!

bright, positive messages attract attention!

So our group must create positive messages, encouraging people to face the realities, but have a vision of a better future.  We plan to use talks, events, film screenings, leaflets, magazine articles, the local media, the creative arts, music, group discussions, workshops, street theatre – in fact, whatever it takes to focus attention on peak oil, climate change and the Transition message.

There are so many ways you could be part of this challenge – please get in touch and bring your skills and enthusiasm to this group!

Community is important for Transition for several reasons. Community is at the heart of resilience. If food or water or anything else valuable comes into short supply, it will be a community spirit that helps everyone to pull together and solve the problems shortage brings up. If a shortage becomes an opportunity for profiting at a neighbour’s expense we could all be in trouble.

Sharing equipment for building, gardening and leisure is a great way to use less stuff. Making friends with people you live nearby needs a lot less expense on petrol for your car. It also means that if you need a hand, there are friends nearby who are actually able to lend a hand, rather than friends from far away who can only listen and advise.