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 The Food Group meets on the fourth Tuesday of every month at the Dragon Inn for an informal chat and planning of upcoming events, such as the annual seed swap and plant swap events. Join us in the pub at 19.30 to find out more about how to get involved. 

The Food Group also supports the Worcester Orchard Worker’s monthly maintenance work at New College Worcester on Whittington Road (the RNIB college). Come along there at 10am on the last Saturday of each month for some hand-ons work and apple/blackberry picking at the right time of year. Please contact Arthur Rowe on 01905 423766 before the day if you wish to come so we know to expect you.

The focus of this Working Group is on how to build a resilient local food network. Climate change and recent increases in oil prices are already impacting on food costs, with the average weekly food bill increasing by 14% (ONS 2008).

Furthermore, over a billion people worldwide are going hungry (FAO News Release June 2009), many in countries that export food to wealthier states, such as the UK.

Here in the UK we have experienced a 12% decline in food production over the last ten years. Additionally, there are huge problems with depletion of natural resources such as water and fish stocks. The amount of oil needed in current food production (running farm machinery, making pesticides and fertilisers, transporting to market etc.) is so large that there will inevitably be serious problems for production when oil availability decreases and demand increases. Allied to this are effects of climate change and it is clear why we need a coherent strategy from the Government down and from the community level up, to increase our food security and local resilience.

Some aims of the group are to:

-Encourage and support people in  growing their own veg and fruit eg through seed swaps

-Raise awareness of food issues  eg local food producers, food miles, food wastage, seasonal food availability, vegetarian and vegan diets, Fairtrade food

-Talk to the council about availability of land for growing food, allotment waiting lists etc.

-To look at the viability of the ‘Abundance’ project (survey of fruit and nut trees in the city)

-Increase knowledge and skills of the following: Permaculture,  food preserving,  seasonal cooking

-Support and promote local food producers and businesses that use local produce

-To research, promote and hopefully link with other relevant projects

Please contact us if you’d like to get involved – transitionworcester@gmail.com