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Education and working with young people

At the moment, we don’t have an established group of people all interested in education and in talking to young people about transition. We have a number of opportunities through the Eco-Schools project, of which 90% of schools in Worcestershire are now a part! There may be ways in which Transition Worcester can help support a school to further their achievements – through helping them to manage an allotment for instance. Are you interested in this area of work? Please get in touch and let us know – transitionworcester@gmail.com.


The ‘Working with Young People’ group will focus on developing educational tools that can be used by Transition Worceter members to talk to and engage with young people of all age groups from¬†primary school, up through secondary school and into college.

The primary aim is to have a set of tools available that anyone from the group can take to a school and roll out the transition message in a range of different formats based on anything from age group to the allocated time available to deliver a lesson.

The group is currently working on interactive activities and games that can deliver the messages whilst keeping the children/young people engaged.